Recent Crimes

Below are the most recent reports of crime in Winston-Salem, NC for Sunday, April 21, 2019. On this day there were a total of 374 reports to the Winston-Salem Police Department. This includes reports of 26 violent crimes, 21 property crimes, and 74 reports of suspicious activity.

There are additionally 253 reports from other categories which are not listed here but can be found by searching.

Violent Crime

Crime Address
Aggravated Assault Firearm 1000 Block Betty Dr
Aggravated Assault Firearm Old Greensboro Rd at Fifth St
Aggravated Assault Firearm Shattalon Dr at Bethabara Rd
Aggravated Assault Knife 2300 Block Kaywood Ln
Assault 100 Block Broadmoor Ln
Assault 1100 Block Burke St
Assault 700 Block Carl Russell Ave
Assault 2000 Block Dacian St
Assault 1000 Block Fifteenth St
Assault 1900 Block First St
Assault 1800 Block Franciscan Dr
Assault 4500 Block Garden St
Assault 1300 Block Highland Ave
Assault 4300 Block Johnsborough Ct
Assault 700 Block Junia Ave
Assault 2400 Block Kenilworth Ave
Assault 1500 Block Liberty St
Assault 600 Block Main St
Assault 100 Block Midian Ct
Assault 4600 Block Patterson Ave
Assault 900 Block Peters Creek Pky
Assault 1200 Block Trade St
Assault 800 Block Twelfth St
Assault 1600 Block Twenty-Fourth St
Kidnaping 1300 Block First St
Sex Offense Other 100 Block Northwest Blvd

Property Crime

Crime Address
B&E Residence 1513 Block Old Salisbury Ct
Larceny 1000 Block Burke St
Larceny 600 Block Coliseum Dr
Larceny 300 Block Lemly St
Larceny 4400 Block Old Town Dr
Larceny 3400 Block Parkway Village Cir
Larceny 3300 Block Thomasville Rd
Larceny From Auto 2200 Block Clemmonsville Rd
Larceny From Auto 1100 Block Crestwood Dr
Larceny From Auto 3300 Block Hyde Place Cir
Larceny From Auto 400 Block Poplar St
Larceny From Auto 3300 Block Silas Creek Pky
Larceny From Auto 1000 Block Yorkshire Rd
Motor Vehicle Theft 2200 Block Clemmonsville Rd
Motor Vehicle Theft 3300 Block Heitman Dr
Vandalism 1900 Block Academy St
Vandalism 3400 Block Ashton Dr
Vandalism 4800 Block Berl St
Vandalism 4200 Block Brownsboro Rd
Vandalism 200 Block Motor Rd
Vandalism 800 Block Utah Dr

Suspicious Activity

Crime Address
50b Violation 4300 Block Ogburn Ave
Disturbance 3200 Block Anderson Dr
Disturbance 1500 Block Billy Dr
Disturbance 1500 Block Bolton St
Disturbance 1400 Block Broad St
Disturbance 900 Block Brownwood Dr
Disturbance 600 Block Chandler St
Disturbance 4300 Block Charleston Dr
Disturbance Clemmonsville Rd at Sink St
Disturbance 1200 Block Clemmonsville Rd
Disturbance 1200 Block Clemmonsville Rd
Disturbance 4000 Block Clinard Ave
Disturbance Crepe Myrtle Cir at Polo Rd
Disturbance 1600 Block Crestlawn Trl
Disturbance 700 Block Ferrell Ct
Disturbance 100 Block Fifth St
Disturbance 1400 Block Fourth St
Disturbance 1700 Block Franciscan Dr
Disturbance 4700 Block Germanton Rd
Disturbance 200 Block Harrington Cir
Disturbance 3700 Block Hartford St
Disturbance 700 Block Hudson St
Disturbance 2300 Block Konnoak View Dr
Disturbance 100 Block Konnoak Village Cir
Disturbance 1500 Block Liberty St
Disturbance 0 Block Lochurst Dr
Disturbance 1100 Block New Hope Ln
Disturbance 5300 Block Nita Dr
Disturbance 4100 Block Oak Ridge Dr
Disturbance 3400 Block Old Greensboro Rd
Disturbance Olive St at Harvey St
Disturbance 800 Block Palmer Ln
Disturbance 800 Block Palmer Ln
Disturbance 1300 Block Patterson Ave
Disturbance 2500 Block Patterson Ave
Disturbance 2500 Block Peters Creek Pky
Disturbance 600 Block Peters Creek Pky
Disturbance 2800 Block Piedmont Cir
Disturbance 2700 Block Reynolda Rd
Disturbance 5700 Block Shattalon Dr
Disturbance 400 Block Sixteenth St
Disturbance 4600 Block Stimpson Ridge Dr
Disturbance 4800 Block Thales Rd
Disturbance Thirteenth St at Thurmond St
Disturbance 1200 Block Twenty-Third St
Disturbance 600 Block Twenty-Third St
Disturbance Waterbury St at Sprague St
Disturbance 1100 Block Waughtown St
Disturbance 100 Block Westmont Dr
Disturbance 3500 Block Winston Lake Rd
Disturbance Woodbriar Rd at Lynn Dee Dr
Disturbance 3700 Block Yarbrough Ave
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 1300 Block Bruce St
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 200 Block Executive Park Blvd
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 1500 Block Marble St
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 900 Block Northwest Blvd
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 100 Block Spruce St
Suspicious Vehicle 300 Block Lily Dr
Suspicious Vehicle 4600 Block Lofter Dr
Suspicious Vehicle 4000 Block Meredith Woods Ln
Suspicious Vehicle 800 Block Peters Creek Pky
Trespassing 100 Block Columbine Dr
Trespassing 300 Block Fifth St
Trespassing 600 Block Fourth St
Trespassing 1500 Block Granite St
Trespassing 1600 Block Granite St
Trespassing 500 Block Highland Oaks Dr
Trespassing 1500 Block Jarvis St
Trespassing 4100 Block Morningside Dr
Trespassing 300 Block Oak Summit Rd
Trespassing 1400 Block Silas Creek Pky
Trespassing 300 Block Stratford Rd
Trespassing 900 Block Waughtown St