Recent Crimes

Below are the most recent reports of crime in Winston-Salem, NC for Friday, April 03, 2020. On this day there were a total of 85 reports to the Winston-Salem Police Department. This includes reports of 4 violent crimes, 24 property crimes, and 7 reports of suspicious activity.

There are additionally 50 reports from other categories which are not listed here but can be found by searching.

Violent Crime

Crime Address
Assault 1400 Block Fitch St
Assault 600 Block Sixth St
Assault 2900 Block Waughtown St
Assault 2500 Block Willard Rd

Property Crime

Crime Address
Autobreaking 1200 Block Folkstone Ridge Ln
Autobreaking 300 Block Glendare Dr
Autobreaking 0 Block Northridge Dr
Larceny 2100 Block Peters Creek Pky
Larceny 1700 Block Stratford Rd
Larceny 3300 Block Thomasville Rd
Lost or Stolen Property 1000 Block Fifteenth St
Lost or Stolen Property 4400 Block Main St
Lost or Stolen Property 5000 Block Voss St
Lost or Stolen Property 2300 Block Winterhaven Ln
Recovered Stolen Property 1000 Block Camel Heights Dr
Shoplifting 3400 Block Parkway Village Cir
Shoplifting 3400 Block Parkway Village Cir
Shoplifting 3100 Block Peters Creek Pky
Shoplifting 5000 Block Raven Rd
Shoplifting 5000 Block University Pky
Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle 1400 Block Douglas St
Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle 5000 Block Shattalon Dr
Vandalism 600 Block Barbara Jane Ave
Vandalism 1900 Block Hampton Inn Ct
Vandalism 100 Block Miller St
Vandalism 1500 Block Patterson Ave
Vandalism 3700 Block Patterson Ave
Vandalism 100 Block Timlic Ave

Suspicious Activity

Crime Address
Suspicious Person 500 Block Old Hollow Rd
Suspicious Person 1600 Block Turfwood Dr
Suspicious Person 1600 Block Twenty-Fifth St
Suspicious Person 2800 Block University Pky
Suspicious Person 300 Block Village Crossing Ln
Suspicious Person 5100 Block Winster Dr
Suspicious Vehicle 4700 Block Jenkins Rd