Recent Crimes

Below are the most recent reports of crime in Winston-Salem, NC for Friday, August 16, 2019. On this day there were a total of 432 reports to the Winston-Salem Police Department. This includes reports of 25 violent crimes, 39 property crimes, and 54 reports of suspicious activity.

There are additionally 314 reports from other categories which are not listed here but can be found by searching.

Violent Crime

Crime Address
Assault 1100 Block Apple St
Assault 1400 Block First St
Assault Indiana Ave at Patterson Ave
Assault 2400 Block Jackson Ave
Assault 700 Block Oak Summit Rd
Assault 1700 Block Old Salisbury Rd
Assault Overcreek Lane at
Assault 100 Block Overdale Rd
Assault 1300 Block Patterson Ave
Assault 3500 Block Patterson Ave
Assault 400 Block Pennsylvania Ave
Assault 600 Block Sixth St
Assault 1000 Block Sunset Dr
Assault 600 Block Twenty-Fourth And One-Half St
Assault 1400 Block Twenty-Second St
Assault 2700 Block University Pky
Assault 1600 Block Vogler St
Rape 3600 Block Patterson Ave
Rape WB 40 at Peters Creek Pky
Robbery With Firearm 2200 Block Cloverdale Ave
Robbery With Firearm 3600 Block Yarbrough Ave
Sex Offense Other 3000 Block Hunterwood Ln
Sex Offense Other 500 Block Lakeside Valley Dr
Sex Offense Other 300 Block Medical Center Blvd
Sex Offense Other 1800 Block Patterson Ave

Property Crime

Crime Address
B&E Nonresidence 3866 Block Patterson Ave
B&E Residence 3450 Block Healy Dr
B&E Residence 2920 Block New Walkertown Rd
B&E Residence 3645 Block Steelwood Ct
B&E Residence 2640 Block Toddler Place Dr
Larceny 4800 Block Baux Mountain Rd
Larceny 100 Block Brannigan Village Cir
Larceny 2200 Block Cloverdale Ave
Larceny 3900 Block Country Club Rd
Larceny 4700 Block Dippen Rd
Larceny 2800 Block Fairlawn Dr
Larceny 3900 Block Fritz St
Larceny 900 Block Hanes Mall Blvd
Larceny 4500 Block Kester Mill Rd
Larceny 4500 Block Kester Mill Rd
Larceny 1300 Block Patterson Ave
Larceny 600 Block Peace Haven Rd
Larceny 2100 Block Peters Creek Pky
Larceny 1400 Block Silas Creek Pky
Larceny 900 Block Twenty-First St
Larceny 5000 Block University Pky
Larceny 5600 Block University Pky
Larceny From Auto 200 Block Cheltenham Dr
Larceny From Auto 2900 Block Cole Ridge Cir
Larceny From Auto 300 Block Dunwoody Rd
Larceny From Auto 1800 Block Ivy Ave
Larceny From Auto 3000 Block Patterson Ave
Larceny Shoplifting 100 Block Hanes Mall Blvd
Larceny Shoplifting 3400 Block Parkway Village Cir
Motor Vehicle Theft 1400 Block Main St
Motor Vehicle Theft 1400 Block Marne St
Motor Vehicle Theft 900 Block Twenty-First St
Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle 4100 Block Patterson Ave
Vandalism 5100 Block Ambercrest Dr
Vandalism 2700 Block Edwards St
Vandalism 900 Block Ferrell Ave
Vandalism 300 Block Junia Ave
Vandalism 2500 Block Rosemary Dr
Vandalism Twenty-Seventh St at Druid Hills Dr

Suspicious Activity

Crime Address
Disturbance 500 Block Akron Dr
Disturbance 1300 Block C E Gray Dr
Disturbance 200 Block Capitol Lodging Ct
Disturbance 200 Block Cherry St
Disturbance 1000 Block Cleveland Ave
Disturbance 1000 Block Cleveland Ave
Disturbance 2800 Block Cole Ridge Cir
Disturbance 5000 Block Farmoor Cir
Disturbance 100 Block Fifth St
Disturbance 100 Block Fourth St
Disturbance 900 Block Fourth St
Disturbance 900 Block Fourth St
Disturbance 3000 Block Gilmer Ave
Disturbance 4300 Block Grove Ave
Disturbance 100 Block Hanes Mall Blvd
Disturbance 100 Block Hanestown Ct
Disturbance 3900 Block Heather View Ln
Disturbance 1500 Block Liberty St
Disturbance 1100 Block New Hope Ln
Disturbance 2900 Block New Walkertown Rd
Disturbance 3500 Block Patterson Ave
Disturbance 3600 Block Patterson Ave
Disturbance 2700 Block Peters Creek Pky
Disturbance 200 Block Sixth St
Disturbance 100 Block Spruce St
Disturbance 100 Block Stagecoach Rd
Disturbance Thurmond St at Twentieth St
Disturbance 400 Block Twenty-Third St
Disturbance 2100 Block Violet St
Disturbance 600 Block West End Blvd
Disturbance 5400 Block Winona St
Disturbance 1500 Block Woods Rd
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 500 Block Akron Dr
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 2000 Block Cannon Ave
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 4200 Block Cavalier Dr
Prowler Or Suspicious Person 3800 Block Country Club Rd
Suspicious Vehicle 100 Block Konnoak Village Cir
Trespassing 4100 Block Alspaugh Cir
Trespassing 1400 Block First St
Trespassing 900 Block Fourth St
Trespassing 1900 Block Hampton Inn Ct
Trespassing 1900 Block Hampton Inn Ct
Trespassing 100 Block Hanes Mall Blvd
Trespassing 3400 Block Konnoak Dr
Trespassing 1300 Block Liberty St
Trespassing 1500 Block Liberty St
Trespassing 1500 Block Liberty St
Trespassing 3600 Block Main St
Trespassing 700 Block Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Trespassing 1100 Block New Hope Ln
Trespassing 1400 Block New Walkertown Rd
Trespassing 1300 Block Old Salisbury Rd
Trespassing 2000 Block Pittsburg Ave
Trespassing 2700 Block University Pky